Same page different books

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 02:51 -- SP17


Los Angeles
United States

Same page different books..

From the dusty stones…

Hidden hopes in your blank looks.

In the library of our mind

Many dusty thoughts..

You back in a century

Me calling the future..

Favourite of the new era.

You, never timeles..

In the library of our heart,

Deep whispers, shiny odds..

Thick,thin,thrilled, drama,

By change or design,

One blank, too italic,

One line missing, one already forgetton

Same page different books,

I was shelved.

You were underlined.

 You always the end ,me the beginning

Read more than once, wrinkled many times

Your ink flowed to my heart.

In the ending There between the lines..







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Our world




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