Safe Haven

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 01:27 -- RashmiG


Out of this wood do not desire to go.

For here everything is imperfectly perfect for me and you.

Where the simplest pleasures of nature can be found.

Watching rain kiss the fresh grass after a rain fall.

Or the first cherry blossom bloom.

The twinkling stars as they kiss the fading sunset goodbye.

 The full moon reflecting over the calm waters like a mirror.

Observing the seasons changing with just a glimpse of the eye.

The tree shading off their leaves, to grow new ones.

The cold winter floor freezing away due to sadness from loss of sunlight.

For the woods have become safe haven for you and I.

A place that protect us from all the indecencies of the world.

Poverty, war, injustices, greed, pollution, hunger.

Shunning away emotions that have a negative aurora on our souls.

We run here to escape from the real world.

To hid from our problems and enjoy a moment of peace.

Resting in a hammock as the winds sways us back and forth, coddling us.

A spot just special to you and I.

So please my love, don’t leave.

For out of the woods do not desire to go.

Where the real world, you will find have such an ugly soul.

For you will no matter, nor will I. 


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