Sad Solar System


7902 Sawmill Trail
United States
29° 53' 15.6876" N, 95° 30' 39.8628" W

My dearest loved one, once seized the stars- 
the sun, the moon, venus and mars. 
My darling, so divinely, he seemed to hold them all 
but he thought his hands were empty.  

My dear, he lingered like the smell before rain- 
he looked like heaven but spoke fluent pain. 
My beloved, so cruel to the world and himself 
wanted to be drunk when he woke up- 
but there was no beer on the kitchen shelf.  

My honey, he was so sad, so terribly sad- 
his everyday gamble with life was only once ever won. 
His days dragged on and his nights raced passed, 
my esteemed, he was slowly sinking, wasting, tarnishing- 
had he known he was his own greatest enemy?  

Oh my lovely, if only he had known, 
how grand it is to seize the stars- 
the sun, the moon, venus and mars. 
My sugar, maybe he wouldn't have had to depart.


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