Sacrificial Burning Painting

Life flashes before my eyes but yet not everyone still can be alive.

Hoping and praying but no answer.

Blood running down my face with fear.

Wishing that someone could save me here, yet no one to come.

People are gone. Dark force came with scars and left with peace. 

The ones who are alike us but yet think so compeletly different.

No one could be themseleves, no one could really fit in.

Feelings werent no opinion, the truth is description.

Homes destroyed and insides of bodies hurt.

He was the ruler for thoses who couldn't understand life.

Something terrible happened and it still doesnt feel right. 

Thinking in silence is the worse part in my case. 

Fire arm back because they refuse to debeat. 

Living reckless and dangerous is what I tend to state. 

The past is past, the future is next.

Seek reunion is what's best.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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