Sat, 08/03/2013 - 22:59 -- rzo92


Listen inside
Make all your feelings rhyme
Bare this heart
and you tear right and wrong apart

Behind jealous eyes
unloved souls cry;
lie snared, await
for arid gardens to reciprocate

We have turned gold words to gray
We believe we cannot think what we can not say
We have infused the rest with hate

Saboteur you helped me see
everything I don't need to be
They'll seek a head while I offer the Heart
But I don't care when we end
only when we start

Now, now, now, now
Don't frown
After all your mouth labels me a clown
So who masquerades and who breaks ground?
Who stagnates and who takes the crown?

Take a look inside
You seek what you hide
Tryin out for a part?
The lead role will never read from cards

Because of all that you could
only ashes remain
once convinced you can't feel
what you can not explain
The only voice that you'll hear is "obey"

Saboteur you let me see
Everything I don't have to be
Saboteur you'll never see
Saboteur you revealed me


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