Running from you

I leap, swim in the star's light.

the immensity of the world wrapping me in an embrace;

away from you.

I melt into the sunset and let the colors morph me into someone

who is not defined by you.

The sounds fill me

and the thump of my feet fills me with glee as I

run from you.

run from the memories... of

your hand trundling down my back as you

throttle into me.

Run, run to nature!

It is where I was created, and where I will perish.

Where everything began

it was there, in a tapestry of light

before you sucked me dry.

I run to the woods

a sea of green dashing behind my gaze.

enveloped in peace and searching for the light.

A path to ingnite the memories so I can fall into

slumber tonight without

you raping my brain.


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