Running in Circles



Its nice to remeet you

Its like everyday

A new adventure comes our way



Its nice just to talk to you

But there's gotta be more

I gotta have more


This timing is awfully bad

Selfishness can get the best of me

This chasing, oh it gets so sad

Your presence far away makes quitting seem easy

Oh no, it's not


Look out, the water, it's not so calm

Try to pay attention to the waves crashing in

Look how they break so easily

Because of the wind, it's the wind


We're running in circles

Can't seem to find the end

We're going slow motion

Can't seem to speed things up



It's not what I want to hear

To have you close

Then you fill my days with


But I want happiness

We've been at that

Let's get back to that





Guide that inspired this poem: 



I really like that you were able to use the Tip Guide for Writing About Memories. Thank you so much for sending this in. The flow of the words and the symmetry within each stanza is wonderful. Is there a specific person you are writing to? What makes you think of them most?


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