Love Heartbreak

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I'm   only   17  And   I   am   afraid   that   I FallTooFast I am afraid that it can't be helped I'm a minnow hooked onto a line baited with sharpened smiles  and sparkling eyes
Find the perfect love? I thought I achieved it I gave you my heart, and you chose to deceive it I saw it with my own eyes and still can't believe it You did things behind my back, and thought you conceived it
Hello Its nice to remeet you Its like everyday A new adventure comes our way   Hello Its nice just to talk to you But there's gotta be more I gotta have more  
(poems go here) He didn’t just take one life that night He took two.
What does alone mean? A child who’s love was keen Although it was only he who took part, Like that of Poe’s childhood art. No, alone is when you’re wrapped in your loved ones arms
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