Running with birds

Ever since I wore a size 3 in shoes i've always wanted to fly 

Like the sprakling BlueJay 

Maybe like the sneaky Red Robin

I could learn to stand out more, like a hawk 

I've always had slight envy to birds. Their are never held back by shoes or time or words

But i've always been a little chick in the nest to scared to fly

It felt like such a sorrow

A chick like me laying in her comfortable bed

Gazing sorrwofully at all the other birds

Over the course of time my shoe size got bigger but my wings would'nt spread

Spread I say! Be like the others!

I've tried forcing myslef to fly

But to zero avial. Fear has paralzed me

No. I didn't catch fear like a common cold. I hide in it to make me feel safe

I'm understood by all when in fear 

Because every bird has a fear of falling

I decided that today was going to be the day

I looked down sitting on the edge of my home, my nest

You couldn't see the bottom at all but my heart has never felt so close to the sky

I closed my eyes and took a leap of faith holding out my old wings

Stiff, tense, ugly, unatrual were words that high class hawks said to me

For the first time I couldn't hear them with my heart

Instead of flying I hit the ground but felt a rush of energy

I could stand. I was always standing. I was bigger then all those high class hawks and lower bullied doves

For the first time in forever I felt like a graceful eagle.

I threw away my size 11 shoes, took off my mental clothing and strated to run

I ran faster then any bird

I went higher then everyone else. As long as I had kept runnig I would always be on top 

Running with birds

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