I'm running, running, you can't find me;
There's not much left, anyway, to see.
I'm just a broken, beaten child
Whose family lied about what was filed.
You see, I don't know what innocence is;
It was stolen from me, they claimed I was his.
I could barely speak, but they said I was to blame
For the act that began my life made of shame.
I've never seen love directed toward me;
I'm utterly lost in the dark with no key.
I've believed countless lies about my soul,
Now all I know is it's black as coal.
I'm covered in scars because my heart had to bleed,
And I couldn't find the remedy I still need.
I might not be alive, it breaks your heart not to know;
Even if I died, you wonder where I'd go,
Because I ooze of lies I've always been told,
And who would want me, all covered in mold?
I can't help dreaming still, dreaming of love;
Maybe someday I'll find it in a hidden alcove.
Pray for me, cry for me, fight for my life!
Secretly I still want Jesus to make me His wife!


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