To Run With Eagles


United States
26° 3' 27.54" N, 80° 18' 36.6048" W

Oh, to find the slumber and peace that eludes me with every twist and bend of these unfamiliar streets
I'm the sheltered homeless beneath the glass future that breaks more each second
I am cancer ridden with doubt and a hazy clarity that goes on 'til morning, but I'm neck deep in a night that never wakes
I don't forgive anything my reflection has to offer
My history is better off burned to ash and forgotten
Like the structure of my abandoned walls and all-knowing ceiling that filters my prayers from my sins
(though I know not which one escapes to heaven)
And in the whispered words between night and eternity there are angels dancing on the cusps of my lips which hide a devilish tongue that speaks way too often and far too eloquently
I have sinned myself into a habit
that persists even against every grain of my soul
Harboring all the ships in the sea between my giant ribs and always cursing the ocean of my heart that never rises high enough to set the dreams that live somewhere other than my worldly mind free

A thousand eagles flying desperately toward that speck of blue and gold before the end of evening twilight
All of them humming my true name in unison but the song is too sweet to hear, or maybe just too sad to listen
Or the notes never existed and I'm lost enough to know that silence makes a repetitious sound that trumpets through the morning dew that falls asleep in my ears
Next to my hopes and far away from all my fears
The fears that make the majority of what I am, a pulse with barren blood that carries no oxygen
Always fading to the background and finding bright city lights and dim human emotion
As if all the wings of the world could not lift the iron burden that is building on my shoulders
Hunched down and broken, climbing mountains that pierce the clouds and never stop
Even when they hang just seconds from the untouchable

The endless walk towards the sun that I pray into reality with my first conscious breath
And beg on my knees for all of our united fears to come crashing down on us in a terrifying swell right before we know
That we who have chewed this life, must swallow death and be judged
The salvation that lurks inside all this growing doom
Wrapping us like a tight blanket inside a shell where we will sleep for eternity
Or wake into a new world with new eyes and new limbs
Oh, to run with the eagles,
or to avoid the terrifying costs of the blessed everything?


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