Run Away


I am not a track star, but I run anyways.

I run from my fears, and my pain.

I don’t just run from the bad, I sprint from the good.

I run from those who wish to help,

Who wish to love me for all that I am.

The closer I get, the farther I run.

Running, running, running;

Always running, never stopping.

Hoping one day for one to run after me,

To begin pursuing me, for love of me.

To run after me, as a knight in shining armor does his princess.

But I am no beautiful princess, I am not worthy of such love.

I am Quasimodo, half formed and unloved.

 Nobody wants a monster, and so I run for the shadows.

Maybe one day, I’ll stop running,

And find the knight who wishes to catch me.

And I hope that day is today. 


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