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love yourself and those that love you 4 you
don't be like everybody else-be a leader, not a follower
try to act brollic like a bodybuilder to the wrong person, catch two in your head
never know what its like to accomplish something and make some serious bread

treat life like a game of chest
always be two step ahead of your opponent
that's how you to understand challenges to its basic component

each day you wake up with a sense of urgency
or you will fall short broke with no currency
always upgrade your comprehension
your words of wisdom will not intimidate to where one is shower with apprehension

be a star
don't be influence by morons that gets into fights in a bar
always be an achiever
never compromise to please others and be an underachiever

every person is a scholar
don't walk behind someone like a pit with a tight collar
always look in the mirror and say you are the best
that's how you stand out from the rest

if you don't play the R.U.L.E.S.2 DA GAME right
just hibernate like ducks flying south and call it a night
understand what you lose is not just a turn like a game of halo
the doors will close so distraughtly that whoever is on the other side won't have a second to say to you hello

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