Ruined Me

Fri, 09/06/2013 - 10:31 -- azitek


Throbbing and pounding,
I give you your deepest thoughts.
You're not using me correctly,
Everything about me gradually rots.

Don't take that, please!
It's only ruining your life.
Your melting me with your abusive poison,
You might as well cut me out of your head with a carving knife.

This is torture,
I can't help you.
You won't listen to me,
Apparently there is nothing in your life you value.

It's all about you! You are selfish.
It was never about us,
I sit in your head... Trapped!
I'm filling up with nasty puss.

Every night it's the same ritual.
You take those drugs,
You slam that alcohol,
Walk out of your life all happy and smug.

I can't do anything, you've ruined me,
You sent me down the drain.
You just committed murder,
On me, Your own brain.

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