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Recycle, reuse, and reduce

The things you use every day.

Here I will begin to deduce

The reason for that which I say:

You should recycle everything;

Things can be remade

Instead of just polluting

The good soil starting to fade.

You can keep dumps cleaner,

And not waste the parts.

Even if you’re not sure

Of all the recycling smarts.

Reuse the things you have had

As many times as you’re able.

It’s really not that bad;

It’s quite manageable.

It can help you save money,

And throw less away.

You may even see

The results in just a day!

Reduce how much is used,

You don’t have to over do it.

It will keep you amused

To see what you can omit.

If you use less,

You will have more.

You must confess,

It’s not worth going to the store.

If you recycle things,

Reduce and reuse;

You’ll make less partings

From things that amuse.

It’ll make the earth

A cleaner place.

For all it’s worth

It’s what we mustn’t deface.


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