Rotting Toes

you have done so much for us

taking care of everyone,

providing for your children,

even though they are adults,

your support will always provide

just as you love your grandchildren like

the way you love chocolate even though

you can't have it because it will kill you.

you purchase items from poor neighbors

or strangers to help their struggle

even though you yourself

don't have much to spare,

you give what you can

to the people around you.

though there are times

where love cannot fix our illnesses,

you go to church every day

to pray us back to health.

but now that you have cancer

you dwell with a smile on your face.

suffering in pain,

you don't take the time to care for yourself.

you keep on loving us and caring for others

even though you are sick,

you never take break from caring for us.

if I could switch places with your brave soul,

I would also be compelled to love

the same way you have loved your children

and the children’s children who have grown up so well

because without you we would not know how to love.

though I am your grandchild,

I could not bear the smile you show upon us,

if we could trade our places, I would happily oblige

because without you, I would’ve never learned how

to care and have respect for those who are unfortunate

and to give to individuals who have nothing

Unlike your rotting toes.


This poem is about: 
My family
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