The Rose of Religion


It should be something people have a freedom to

even if it might not matter to you.

Religion is precious to some people,

almost like a rose it can be symbolic for beauty.

It's a stoning in God's name

some still shamelessly defend.

And you should never feel the need to offend.

Just the need to comprehend.

Who are their enemies?

Anyone who questions their sanity.

Will they ever find peace.

This they believe but only until all enemies are to decease.

Their choice not yours.

It's their beliefs and the way they choose

to bloom or sway to the beauty the rose possesses.

We as humans have changed.

Something we obtain is apparently hypocrisy.

Should we do something to set ourselves free.

Or would you rather sit their from the garden

and choose to tell me

That i cannot simple choose and practice

my spirituality?





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