Rookie Romantics

I am seventeen years old, and I can say I’m a pretty confused person.

Well, for one, I’m seventeen years old and about five feet tall so when I do tell people I’m seventeen, I kinda have to persuade them for a bit.

I am seventeen and confused because I am at an age where I’m too old to be taken care of and too young to be taken seriously.

But I am not at all confused about love.

Adults like to tell you not to take relationships seriously because we are too young to know what love is. And they're right.- I don’t know what love is.

But I know how love feels

because I've felt it.

Love doesn't come when you're graduated and are ready to settle down.

Love comes when you're not ready to settle down but settle down anyway because you can't wait to spend your life with that person.

Love comes when you wish you were just a little bit older so that he can propose and so that you can say I do because you have been saying I do in your head a million times over.

And you are just waiting to prove every person wrong who has ever told you that your love was wrong and you can't wait to see their face when you put on that lace on you wedding day and you wear the same smile on your face that you wore the day you realized he was the one.

Love comes when you find yourself in the reflection of someone else for once.

Love doesn’t come knocking on your door because love doesn’t really wait for you to open it.

Love comes and barges in at times when you’re not ready when he’s not ready but you both still work to make things work,

Love comes screaming and crying at times when love seems a bit shaky.

And in those moments, love comes laughing and smiling at that stupid reason you were fighting for.

And should your relationship ever fail, there is no one to blame because that love is a flame that is ignited somewhere else in someone else .

True love doesn't mean forever.

All it really means is that for that time, for that moment, you feel invincible.

I think that's why people feel hopeless when it comes to love because they don't allow themselves to step in with both feet because they are too afraid to drown.

But all that ever does, is stops them from is ever swimming.

The best part about love is that it is blind. You step in with two feet before really knowing how deep the waters are.

But the beauty lies from our ability to either sink or to swim.

So does love last forever? No one knows. I don’t know...heck Im only seventeen.

But I do know that love is special and if you allow it to end and begin again in someone else, you can only swim.



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