Mon, 06/08/2015 - 16:33 -- kchiles

Dripping with blood and tears,

Flavored with death and pain and fear;

Poison on the way down.


Everything is wrong;

It’s hard and it hurts to be yourself.

Society is determined to snuff you out

Because you don’t fit their molds.

You don’t want to do that, it’s girly” they whine.

You can’t do that, leave it for the big, strong boys” they shout.


So you sit, and stew, and

Darling, don’t forget to press the folds!

So you scowl, and lash out

Or turn your head and sigh.

What can you say?

What are you doing? Boys don’t cry.”


Dad, why can’t I wear skirts?”

“But I like having short hair!”

“Don’t talk to them, they’re terrible flirts,

Break your heart without a care.”

“My sister gave them to me, why do you ask?”

“Why are you so emotional? Is it that time?”


It’s time to fight;

Kick and scream and scratch.

Throw their roles back in their face

And hope they choke on the way down.

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