I find myself looking at the clock every 5 minutes.

Somehow, the amount that I've learned doesn't match the time that's passed.

Maybe the clock is broken...

Or maybe the curiculum is broken...

I can't tell the difference.


Because school never taught me to question whether there was something wrong.

"Just keep your head down and listen", they say.

" Take this test. I know we haven't talked much about it but once should be enough, right?"

"I know we took one last week but we have to stay on schedule." 

"Write this essay. You may not need it in the future but the state says you need it to graduate."

13 years of the same old stories. 

But don't think about that.

The district isn't paid to help you think; 

Just to help you take orders.

You wear Nike, right?

Well take their advice;

Don't ask questions. 

Just do it.


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