Robert Frost Made Me Want to Save the Planet

If I had to choose if I’d rather have the world end in fire or ice, I would choose ice. 


At least for now. 


See, I have no desire to watch our forests burn, or continents crumble, or to wear shorts in December in the midwest.


There is a lot less ice than their used to be.


It melts as we have a political warfare with who has a better desire.


It’s hot. 


Sometimes I grasp inspiration from Robert Frost when he said that ice would suffice, so i’m battling to change the world.


We should all be fighting for ice, not denying the cause of the fire. Whether we like it or not we are burning slowly and the blisters of society are growing until one day they pop.


And by then it’ll be too late.


We don’t have ice to sooth the sore and now we’re permanently scarred.


Don’t let desire feed anymore fire. Let’s make a difference.

This poem is about: 
Our world



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