Roads of change

All I knew a year ago was how to love you more and more
but falling down opened this door
A flash of light shined so bright
when your eyes met mine in the night
and I gave up the fight

Out of sight out of mind they say
but covering up this feeling doesn't work that way
Still I feel the need to be this me
but I fear these tears they will see

I have to face I have to change
while choices are so hard to make
I need another hiding place
but don't you go away

Help me find another kind of life
I'm learning and getting it right
I'll count the times I've cried
and my hope has died
Sometimes it has a bittersweet taste
make me believe it wasn't a waste

I'm sick and tired of this hiding game
Can't stop I've got to go on all the same
In the dark light a fire and then
sing for me until I'm tired again

Frustration no destination
long roads to unknown places
Reveal the secret faces
run away to another day

Well maybe I have to fall before I can fly
start on the ground then reach for the sky
No air for you if you go too far
because you will never be heaven's star



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