Jacob RoadHouse Hodge

RoadHouse is the one thing that I can't live with out. It's not just a made up name but an identity that will forever be in my heart and the most truest version of myself. First it was a joke but then it turned in to a living thing that only wants to experience life as much. I named myself that and I take it very serious that people call me that because that's my truest self and the closest thing to remaining a human in this world feeled with artifical people and feelings. As I continued to walk around telling people to call me that it didn't only make them laugh and smile but it also came with sense of my imagination becoming reality. Now I have a lot of people who call me by this name and know me by the alter ego RoadHouse. I remain sane in any situation as long as I have this Alter Ego. RoadHouse is reason that i'm human the part of me that asks "Why?" That's what makes me human is RoadHouse that no matter what happens RoadHouse will always ask that question "Why" and never be bored with the journey of life because there is something always new to learn and experience in the life that we have. I've Witnessed the power of being Human through Roadhouse. I was able to witness  turning impossible to possible  first hand and that's why I need Roadhouse in my life. I realized what i'm capable of and everyone else can if they could connect to what it means to have there own Roadhouse ansd be there truest self.

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