The Road


 Walking down a narrow path I dont know where it goes

 But where ever it leads I just hope there is no snow

Cuz  I dont want to slip up and ruin the things bestowed

 To this young little toad bearing this massive load

 So now I'm at the end wondering how it all began,

 Not knowing which way to go but im not alone

Im talking to this snake about the three paths to take.

Should I, take the path most travled by and follow their way

Or the path less travled by because there is a mystery that lies awake,

But i need to hurry up and make up my mind

Cuz im running out of time and I look behind,,

 But theres no path behind

So I look to where I stand trying to press rewind but I cant go back in time

Ive made up my mind but I think I need a cosign

 About the path that lies ahead

But  I just ran out of time so I make a new path and take whats mine 


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