Rivers of Glass


Dancing on glass rivers
Leaves your feet torn up,
bloody to the point of no recognition
And yet you won't stop.
You can't stop.
The thrill is intoxicating
It leaves you aching, begging, screaming for more
The bruises, exhaustion, the breakdowns from working so hard
Trick you into thinking you're doing something right
Each step, every leap and twirl
Turns your heel into scarlet ribbons
The glass digs into it
Twisting, jabbing, and it won't let go
And still you refuse to get off the stage
Pain is nonexistent in your world
Or maybe you choose to ignore it
Because the cheers and boisterous applause
Dull the ache
It dulls the pain until you don't feel anything anymore
No pain
But no joy, either
And yet you still keep dancing
On rivers of glass.
And one day
One day you will fall
Off of your high pedestal,
Off the stage that you loved so much,
And onto the cold hard ground
Where there are no rivers of glass to dance on
But there are no crowds either
No cheering
No applause
Just smooth concrete sidewalks
Gleaming hardwood floors
Rocky asphalt
You won't shine under the blinding stage lights
You might not be a star
But you know what
You won't be dancing on rivers of glass
You won't torture yourself reaching for perfection
You can be happy
And you can still dance


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