The Rising Uplift


Often i find myself staring at the stars, and glazing upon the moon

Knowing that theres more upon the world than we could ever know

Can it be the glazing stars that gives me hope to dream

Or the gleaming moon that seems to let my mind wonder beyond its zone

No longer do i worry about the cruical world and the problems involved

I find myself forgetting, as i open my heart to things with more depth to its meaning

Curousity as in to why we tend to hide, or hold ourselves from all the capabilities we have

Knowing that theres more to explore, i find myself wanting to go and stop from being unseen

As i rise, i stare at the stars, for they give me hope one couldnt find within themselves

I uplift from the shadows, and shine with a grin at the moon because for once

i realized that it's my time...



-Johanna Reyes





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