The rise of the exiles






        People these days, don’t want to hear the cold truth these days. I’ll just come out with it. To live in this world is the scariest thing imaginable. It’s become almost impossible to enjoy life and everything that surrounds us: The beautiful trees, the calming breeze, the warmth of our glorious sun, and not to mention all the wonderful people that fills out our hearts and souls. In the past couple of decades, the higher powers in this once great nation have deteriorated our sanity and destroyed all long held beliefs, family customs, values and traditions regarding "passing of the torch; to the younger generations. I’m here to tell you guys that it will get better very soon. Of course, any person with common sense and a pair of working eyes would quickly denote that remark and brand me as an insane lab experiment gone wrong of some sort. I say nay to all the incoming negativity and will channel it into something positive. Because... because I believe in the common person. Now these people will have to have the qualities of such; Logic, rationality, respect, equality, honor, and being humble as the most important one. If a being has these traits, that tells me that its worth "fighting the good fight." Its shows me people are still trying to better not only themselves, but others around them socially, economically, and humanitarian wise. So when I get a chance to show the world that a regular writer can make it in the big city as they say, well that is a win in my books. Cause as human beings, there needs to be a stopping point from all the emotional, verbal, financial, physical abuse that our watchers are inflicting on us all day every day in our waking and sometimes, sleeping life. SO please, before you go out and mindlessly overlook the key points and details of your fellow man; no matter how they look, act, talk, walk, sing, and dance, they will always look perfect in the eyes of a true mortal. If there’s anything this story has taught me, it’s that things change quickly. If that’s the case here, then that’s good enough for me. I will not dwell on the "have not" and what “might of been" because at the end of the day, you have to drink everything in and be able to be contempt with "going out on top." We are here only once in our lifetime, and I don’t want to waste my precious and limited time, energy on reflection on the bad, ugly, and regret. So join me in a circle of love, trust, and happiness, so we can share this with the rest of our kind. So that one day we can look back at this moment in time and remember it as, “The rise of the Exiles." 








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