To Rise Again

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 13:30 -- KatjaT

Rise in the morning, to know something is wrong.

Enter class to see blurs of movement and shades.

A panicked breath and a step back.

It is too late.


A beast compresses my lungs, my breath is fire.

I can’t breathe, except I do.

Shallow breathes of terror.

In and out too fast.

They tell me I will see darkness.


A monster pumps my heart faster.

It should give out, except it doesn’t.

The faster it races the more they worry.

They tell me I will go to sleep.


A demon sets the air on fire.

I should suffocate, except I don’t.

Breathing becomes a labour.

They tell me I will fail.


To destroy the devils I must be calm.

I must ground myself to the real.

A hot tear runs down my cheek.

Something to focus on.


Feeling the warmth, and the salt on my cheek.

The monsters fade.

I am alone again, and I am safe.


I have to go back to where the monsters found me.

I must be strong.

To push through the fear, the anxiety.

For I will always rise again.


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