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I feel so sick
My insides are crying
My brain hurts, I'm dying
I'm trying
No progress, and no success
Wheres the time and effort, I've lost my best
I'm gained more stress
Got too much things on chest
I wanna explode
Rocket to outer space, and nobody knows
Except my soul,
my one and only truth
Been like that since my youth
To myself, maybe I should be accused
For ignoring all the things I could of used
Suicide, one tried, but maybe never again
I rather die later than let the devil just win
But my ultimate sin,
is being nice, causewithin
I'm a kindhearted brotha, who only trying to begin
To experience the world, and everything that's in
All the things that's out, of my own little circle
I underline em with my crayon, I'm Harry, the colors purple
I dangle on the edge of a cliff, waiting for an angel
I rather grow my own wings, than sit and wait on a stranger


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