A ripple of light in a dark landscape

Because I love you, you are not only my companion but my best friend as well.

Because I love you, I accept you for who you are and not who I want you to be

Because I love you, I trust you at the utmost level and put your needs/interests before mine.

Because I love you, I hold you together when the thing that matters the most to you is to be reassured as you would do for me

Because I love you, even discussing simple stuff like your favorite fruit is the most interesting aspect of my day

I  will never stay/get jealous, angry or sad with you even in the most trying of times , as you are a ripple of light which brightens my galaxy, because I love you

Because I love you I will listen and wait for you so that we may solve our issues as one

I am able to do all of this , because that's love, and I love you 






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