R.I.P. Savannah Harper

He is really cute...

He says I'm cute, too...

I know he's hers, but I just want to be together.

His unfaithfulness to her isn't a good sign,

But maybe I should go for it...she's so blind.

We met for the first time,

He has scars--

So do i.

He says they're from loving her,

Yeah, well so are mine.

He says he loves her, but now he loves me, too.

I shouldn't be doing this,

It's not something she should be put through.

I left him a message saying my parents left for travel,

That's how and when it all began to unravel.

The sins that were done that night, I can't bare to think of,

But should I tell her? After all, we're best friends,

But my voice is scarce, to her ears these days.

I didn't feel right today...maybe I'm just under the weather,

It's been three weeks now, and I'm feeling heavy headed.

Maybe I'm...no, that can't be true.

But I took the test, I guess it went through.

What am I gonna tell my parents when they see the changes?

And what about her?

We've been friends for ages.

It's five months later and everyone knows,

 They called me bad things, but all I hear are the echoes.

I talked to him today,

He doesn't want to keep it,

 Despite him I'm going to,

Although my life will be in pieces.

She left just like he did...

But i guess I can't blame her.

Today was my appointment,

It's expected anyday now.

Since I won't talk to her soon,

I'm writing her a letter,

She probably won't read it.

Something is different--

I feel like I'm falling.

My mom drove to the hospital as fast as she could go,

But a few hours later neither heartbeat would show.

My last thoughts were consumed by endless pain...

But I guess that it wasn't so endless.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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