R.I.P. Bob Grant

I wish that I could tell you that he's still alive but sadly, I can't.
He was a talented British actor and his name was Bob Grant.
I hate to say that on November the 8th of 2003, this gifted man died.
What made his death even more sad was that he committed suicide.
It was his third suicide attempt and he succeeded on his third try.
I feel sorry for him because he was so unhappy that he was determined to die.
His life ended because of carbon monoxide.
That was how that poor man committed suicide.
He starred in "On The Buses" and he did one hell of a good job on that TV show.
He also starred in other TV programs and movies and people hated to see him go.


[Dedicated to Bob Grant (1932-2003) who died on November 8, 2003]


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