Why these doctors acting like they so confused
They really make me sick my nigga
If they only knew
That they was playing with the life of my idol
Now he's gone so theres no use to pray to the Bible
And i know i was rude
But i swear to God he was the only man i looked up to
Now he's gone and people tell me "its gonna be ok" like im a damn fool
What you sit there lying for
What, they except me to sit here and cry for?
"Crying never gets you anywhere" that man once told me
But when I'd cry he'd sit there and hold me
But that was way back then
Back when he was my only friend
And now its hopeless cause hes gone and everyone else just moves along
Except me, this pain will never end
I wanted to be just like him at a point in my life
He lived like a man and died as one to
If you asked me what I'd wanna be when i was around 10
I'd say "An even greater person then him"
I know this wont bring you back
"The world doesn't stop moving when im gone so you just keep moving on" that man once said to me
But how can i move on when the thing that keep me going is now dead and gone
But i know i have to be strong and keep on holding on
Till the day we're reunited
Until then im uninvited
I know it'll be long but I'll live life to its fullest and think of you the whole way through
To the man who raised me, turned me from nothing to something
And for that im truly greatful
R.I.P Herbert Lee Davis❤

This poem is about: 
My family


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