The Ring With The Amethyst Hearts


I wonder when you bought this, did you think about the stone?

The jagged purple gem meant to prevent a drunken bone.

Or did you buy it on whim to make up for a drinking binge?

I bet you never knew I’d hang it next to my sober heart from a hinge,

On a chain made of silver to protect me from the spirits I see.


And maybe that’s why your ghost does not haunt my breath.

I was given this ring 13 years after your death,

I still do not drink with the protection of this

With a diamond welded in between, representing the softest kiss

Our hearts right together, sober and free


I love this ring with all of my heart and believe that you knew the meaning

While fighting with sobriety you prayed your kids would not need intervening

I wonder if you bought it to protect me after death took away everything

Did you think about your unborn baby’s heart in the grasp of a ring?

Her pebble heart skipping along the water’s edge right over your sunken one, lost at sea


Our tiny hearts reflect the sun's honey rays,

Reassuring me that even though I never met you during your hay days

You loved me with all you sober amethyst heart

The ring welded us together even after being perpetually apart

This simple necklace represents bringing us together with a brass key

This poem is about: 
My family
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