RIGHTI was not always rihgtI used to be meanI never did my choresI hated lifeI was not always rgiht I had no friends because I didn't treat them rigtI didn't make my bedI didn't try hardI never smiled My life was not rhigtI stayed up until 3I spent way too much time watching T.VI never followed the rulesI wanted to drop out of school I ate junk I didn't treat my body righhtI never ate breakfast I didn't eat lunchDinner was a cookie or two Money was just a toy I played withBuying anything and everythingI didn't spend money rhigtMy bank account was a joke But through Family and FriendsI was taught to correct myselfI do what I'm toldI have fun and get things doneI still am not always riht I am learning values I am changing my waysI am creating good not evilAnd soon I will make my life....RIGHT  (Please not spelling errors ARE intentional) 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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