The Ride

Our eyes lock on each other like a missile on its target. Becoming lost in the connection. So focused on finding the good to overshadow the bad that we lose track of time. The same way the moon does the night. We flow along, not minding where we end up. The path we are on will lead us to where we are supposed to be. On that path we will have many things we don’t like. Holding onto secrets like the CIA. Unlocking the mind shows the same effects of the atomic bomb dropping on Japan in 1945. 

One life to live so no regrets. But if we regret the reject we got from that girl. Then the threat of human connects would bring cold sweats. Cold sweats bring false vibes leading to misinterpretation. The notion will be misperceived like saying you can see the stars from the city. So hold on because this ride is a fast one. Zipping through life like the speed of light. So we hold on to our good moments because we never know when it’s gonna be our last one.

So as time gets late and the sun goes down, true characters reveal themselves. The liquor has hit the system and personalities start to arrive. The locked door where they kept their true identity to fit in, was broken down. That warm feeling inside brings your thoughts to reality. Full moon out tonight and it radiates a glow unlike no other on the town. A glow that shines bright and gives off positive vibes. Oh the addictive presence of tonight, Makes anything possible.


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