The beat and lyrics that I always hear

Makes the poet inside me wanna appear

Incomparable beauty like the Santa Monica pier

Addictive like when my dead cousin swallowed the beer

I write whatever comes up in my conscious

That’s why when you read it, sounds like pure nonsense

My creative side is what quenches my thirst

Satisfies me every time I come up with a verse

It’s all in my mind, heart, I don’t have to carry a purse

I’m a good Samaritan but not being payed like a nurse

Sorry I keep saying “like a” all the time

But sometimes it’s hard to come up with a line

I just do it cause it’s so fun to rhyme

It’ll sound better if you hook me up with a chime

Give me a symphony, a beat, a hard bass

A vibration that’ll move the fatty acids on my face

A foreign rhythm from outer space

I don’t care if it’s cheating like C.O.D. B.O boosting

I may not be slick and smooth like low rider cruising

My words give a pound, leave you bruising

It doesn’t matter the size, length, or the font

It’s tiring like climbing up 40 stares

Untangling knots on Bob Marley’s hairs

Rhyming is as fun as the county fairs

This poem is weird, but I don’t really cares


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