I live in my yesterday's because they don't hurt me
The bright places in the back of my mind
Havens, I visit ever so often 
And as like on demand I rewind to the good places 
The good memories
The good times

When everything was as easy as breathing
When the only drama was what was on the tv
When it didn't matter so much as to what I wore or how much I weighed
Carefree, we lived life like we were supposed to
How we were meant to

But it seems as we get older
This society, this world,
All that's bad and horrible
Fill up our heads to the brink of no return
And we're left with minds that think too much
And hearts that can't seem to stay tough
And souls that can't rest enough

If I knew that this was what growing up
Was all about
I would've stopped blowing out my candles
A long time ago.


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