If only he could see,
the way you treat me
He really has no clue,
he never sees what you do
The only way out for me,
is to be happy
I know I am stuck like glue,
and it’s all because of you
It’s not like he’s never there,
because of you it’s just not fair,
and when he’s out you scream and shout like you don’t even care
It keeps getting worse after worse,
I have many blessings but you’re a curse,
and when I cry you say good-bye and slam the door shut first
I wish that I, could change my life, and put it in reverse
I’d rather stay away,
from you and every word you say
You pretend like I am not yours,
that leads to screaming and slamming doors
I sit by my bed and pray
 God take this pain away


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