To Reveal or Not to Reveal // Sattire

To reveal or not to reveal- that is the real question:
Whether’ tis easier to uncover your authentic self
And be ridiculed harshly for it,
Or attempt to masquerade a relatively perfect persona,
And, by doing so, fortifying yourself.

To show, to reveal your true essence-
No more- and by showing to say
We no longer-have to put on a deceptive cloak of honorable illusions
And can feel a burdensome weight of tainted energy lifted and replaced with serenity-
‘Tis an unknown feeling
I yearn to experience.

To reveal, to expose-
To expose, perhaps too much. Ay, that’s the problem,
For in exposing too much, we are surely to get wounded
And being in such a vulnerable and candid state- to be used or expended carelessly for being
ones true self-
Is enough to make anyone fear their own integrity,
And hide their true nature.

For who would bear all the tension of having to live out a façade, full of forgery,
Continuously performing the role of an ideal character,
Feeling the immense pressure of a puppet to the hundreds of puppeteers pulling your strings
according to their dance,
The eternal loneliness, from suffering and coping in solitaire
With frustration emerging due to the absence of understanding for the dark depths of your thoughts,
Restraining yourself from your own wants because of your tense and proud nature,
And consciously knowing yourself and your toxic traits are the foremost cause of your own anguish,
When they themselves could quit their censorious ways and let others live in assurance?

Who would fancy having to keep up a pretense appearance,
To relentlessly feel out of balance within oneself,
But that the horror of becoming damaged in one's purest form,
Unbolting the secured lock of the impressive door, only to be torn apart from the inside
And if you are able to recover after the welcome intruder
Returning to your own equilibrium will be of much difficulties, as you combat to trust anyone,
to know your truest feelings as they too might make a mockery of.
Wishing you had disguised yourself to seem cold and detached
Instead of being an open book for everyone to read?

Thus the fear of being scarred for one’s truth does compose a disguise for all of us,
And thus the ecstasy one might feel for being a free soul
Is spoiled by one’s pride and fearfulness towards judgement when it comes time to open up,
And raw feelings of elation and tranquility
With this regard are ceased to have
And become nothing more than a sweet dream, hidden in the mind of a masked person.

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