The Return of Privacy

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 13:03 -- Yeity

One is never truely alone anymore.

People go unimaginably mad about the use of drones and satellites to check on people,

But what they fail to understand is that one doesn't need facny technology to look at someone else's life.

With every post, tweet, and picture uploaded to social media anybody may see into their life.

People comment that my Facebook is boring or that I'm insane for not having a Twitter and my answer is good that's just the way I want it to be.

If you were to see me in the street you wouldn't know who I am and unlike most people that willingly give their right to privacy up,

I gladly keep mine with me at all times.

Everyone may not like the use of advanced technology because it infringes on Constitutional rights, 

But at the same time those same people give that same right up just so that they can "connect" with their friends.

I connect with my friends in the real world, not the fake virtual one we ourselves have created.

If one truely wants their privacy to be their own the easiset way to make sure it is would be to ignore social media.

Social media is the invasion of privacy not drones.

Hopefully we may realizes this and return to our privacy without the little spies in our hands.



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