R.E.S.P.E.C.T ( what does it mean to me)


what does it mean to me?

no, i'm not referring to Aretha Franklin record


what does it mean to me?

what it truly embodies


how can you honestly be a teacher

conveying to students respect your fellow peers in class

but you don't respect your fellow peers at work

I can hear Jesus say Hypocrites

how can you honestly be a parent

teaching kids to respect others kids

but be an adult and not respect other adults

Jesus will say again Hypocrites

I will always say

you will never, ever have my respect 

in agreement with My Lord, you're nothing more than a hypocrite

i always tell people that you want to understand somebody

be willing to walk a mile in someone's shoes

if you're not willing to do that

what you say bears no fruit

and means absolutely nothing to me

so before you start spewing about respect

make sure you have respect for yourself

have the respect of your brothers and sisters

then you have earn respect

until then, don't speak about respect, and contradict yourself

Jesus will whisper to your ear



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