"Respect is Now Dying !" ... Written by Big Virge 22/2/2005


United Kingdom

Respect is dying everyday !

The old dismay
cos' the young display
a lack of respect
in their crazy ways !

So ...
Pay close attention
this isn't wordplay !

Disrespect has become
the modern way !?!

is now the way

I hope i'm dead
Before ... " 28 Days Later !!! " ...

What's with these film makers ?
actors take roles
for cash type paper
even if their role
is a SICK Date Raper !?!

See this is why
respect will die

because most things seen
on movie screens
are making kids
have violent dreams !

from twelve year olds
to our young teens
the streets we walk on
are UNCLEAN !!!

because of images
placed on TV Screens

DON'T get me wrong
Violence is REAL !!!

But this I don't want
as my daily meal
while business tycoons
continually steal !!!

I agree with Michael Moore
STOP shows like, " COPS " ... !!!

These violent shows
are built to shock
so ratings rise
while black folks rot !


All these things
create disrespect !

DISRESPECT of Our Mothers
DISRESPECT of Our Brothers
DISRESPECT of Each Other
Because of Our Colour !!!

But this disrespect thing
is used in Rapping
so people don't think
there are conscious rap kings !

This disrespect rap
is getting kids trapped !

cos' they think
respect's earned
by dishing out slaps

Instead of discerning
who's setting the trap !

It's Corporate Boys
who sit and avoid
the screaming type noise
when kids play with gun toys !

It's them who sit planning
these devilish ploys !!!

This lack of respect
is Slitting some necks !!!

Believe what you like
walk streets late at night
and see what you get ?!?

On this I would bet
walk in the wrong place
and you'll never again
see a smile on your face !!!

All Over The Place !!!

Rudeness is viewed
in every workplace !

The way the young act
is a God Damned DISGRACE !!!

It's NOT just the young !

I've really been stunned
by how people act
who claim ... Poetic Grace ... !?!

Fellow poets have seen me
time and again
but when I return
many stare in my face
like i'm from OUTER SPACE !?!

Men disrespect women !
Women disrespect men !

To me this is nonsense
Without a defence !!!

If we are to live
in a world full of Hate

I think YES For REAL
Give the world to the gays !

I've tried not to say
what I feel about gays

Well I guess, now you know
so what will you say ?

I disrespect them !?!

Well maybe I am ???

But ...

Let me just STRESS
I face Racial Problems !!!

Give me the POWER
that's given to them
then I won't shy away
from talking about them !!!

But for now
i'm more worried
about these gun sounds !!!
and profanities heard
from MANY young mouths !

I'm ready to die
cos' these days I don't cry !

I'm poetically plying
and constantly trying
to make you folks hear me


... " Respect is Now DYING !!! " ...

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