Matthew 7:12. Do unto others whatsoever you would like them to do to you. Why is this concept so HARD to comprehend? Yet we all pretend that things like this don't matter while God is shocked by the diss we seem to chew up and spit in his face like nasty food on a platter. Give respect in order to get respect; give love in order to receieve love; give honesty in order to receive honesty; people hear me out.....we are what we do. We can't bash women or men, then expect to find a significant other in the very next breath, but this cycle seems to bother everyone yet no one is willing to break it.....death.....Death to the buttholes, thugs & endless games because it all ends in heartbreak and emptiness, to the point where only He can give you all you need. Take heed to what I'm saying because this could relationship saving......paying a consqeunce or recieving.....a blessing falling from heaven that can only be recieved if you believe. You must believe it in order to recieve it and that always applies when it comes to this game we call life. But, we always playing around this caroseul that is eventually going to stop and leave some people stranded on their treadmiills because they are going to be running and simply going no where. I don't get it; it is so simple: children respect your parents, men respect your women and women respect yourselves. If respect is all we want than why is rudeness always flaunt......ed. And I must end with this, if we want to be treated as adults, then we must first ACT like adults.....stop with these childish diversions, because then and only then will the world be rid of it's perversions.


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