Something about you 
So different from the others 
Something about you
I can’t explain, but I love it 
Something about you
Stands out from the rest 
Something about you I just can’t resist

Your eyes so blue 
Just like the ocean 
And a heart to match filled with love and devotion
I want to dive deeper into your sea
But that’s if only you would let me 

Let me be the one to put a smile on your face 
So bright so beautiful I can barely see the pain 
But I want to be the one to take that all away 
Show you real happiness 
even when we are miles away

Something about you I just adore 
Can’t quite put my finger on it 
But it makes me want more
Maybe it’s your voice 
The way you laugh when I crack jokes 
Maybe it’s you bringing me lots of hope 

I want to help and assist 
By picking up all your broken pieces 
Because there’s something about you that I can’t just resist 

 I dream of the day to touch and hold  
To see you face to face and never let go 
Making my heart beat & flutter for you
This feeling that you bring to me, has me feeling brand new



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