A Requsite for Refuge


"Just get through today"

I say to myself,

as I walk to my spot,

the corner book shelf.


The students pass by me,

with their dignified strides.

But I wonder if they too,

are dying inside.


Their scoffing remarks,

judgmental looks in the hall.

The laughs belted out,

as I'm shoved against the wall.


They taunt me, they tease me,

they treat me like trash.

Everyday is a battle.

I take slash after slash.


Their words are like daggers, 

pierced straight through my skin.

Realizing they've hurt me,

they maliciously grin.


I'm wounded, I'm vulnerable.

They're all in my head.

But I know they won't stop,

until they've beaten me dead.


I wasn't born a crusader.

I don't know how to fight.

The damage they've done,

it's out of pure spite. 


Can anyone see me?

Does but one person care?

Can anyone help me?

Is anyone out there?


I need a shield,

some form of shelter.

Anyone to help me fight back,

some sort of protector.


What will you do?

Will you stand back and watch?

Or pretend not to see me,

As you glance at your watch?


Don't be the one,

the one girl or guy,

that won't help me out, 

that just passes by.


Be the one that kneels down,

and helps dry my tears.

Be the one that is different,

different than all of my peers.


Don't you see, can't you see?

I'm not the only one.

There's a requisite for refuge.

Be the haven for someone.



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