Replicated Lovers

They are all carbon copies

Were my polariod kisses too permanent for you?

Too much of a constant reminder

That I helped you grow from darkness

That you cannot delete 

Memories of chest on breast because

You are afraid of staying  


They are all carbon copies

Fading images of a love story

Which you hope to replicate

But you must first review the original

In order to remake 

Anything close to 

What you yearn for


You fail poorly

Caue there will never be

A love

As raw

As original 

As what you let go of


Do see me in their eyes?

Do you smell me on their skin?

Are they only a brief reminder 

A quick fix for what you really wish

Are you sick of the after taste of me

After every kiss on their  lips


You yearn to no longer think of me

But I am too vivid to fade away







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