Didn’t you ever think about the heart you were breaking?
At first I couldn’t believe it when I found out what you were taking.
Then reason set in,
And I knew I had lost you.

In a hallway at school, at a dance in the gym,
Every smile you gave concealed the darkness you chose to let in.
You betrayed my trust,
And I had to give up on you.

You were my superhero, the one guy I could count on,
My friend and protector,
A shoulder I knew I could cry on—
I cannot forget.
But now someone’s replaced you.

He was a laughingstock; goofy, strange, a little scary.
You warned me to be careful.
Now I know why you were so wary:
You were jealous of him
‘Cause he was better than you.

He became my salvation at the time I felt so low.
He followed paths that you ignored,
And look where he is now.
When I was ready to fall,
He turned my thoughts from you.

He is my superhero, the guy that I can count on,
My friend and my rescuer.
He showed me a whole new dawn.
My world is brighter
With the hope he gives to me—
The hope I once found in you.


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