Repetition (with No Flow)

I've got real boy problems and I can't stand it

Try to keep everyone so I demand it

No one ever stays so I stay angry

The best way to attract the same thing


Those who turn up as new are the old faces

Mixed emotions, confusion, I'm a replaccement

Never the main thing, the same thing, it's all the same

I'm so sick of this game


Yeah I try, but I'm still too stupid

To let go though I know the route that I'm choosing

If I didn't let them string me along

But I'm so desperate and now here's this song again


I'm so desperate and I'm so ashamed

Since I was young tried to force you stay

First my father then the boys in my life

Please tell me why I never do this right

I'm sure that this is a generational curse

The more I try it just keeps getting worst

Becuase the first to hurt me was so close

I guess this never will end I suppose



This poem is about: 
My family


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