Lounging in a comfy chair as the silver tube slices through the sky .


Leaving or coming home ? I’m not sure why I even try .


You left me and they let me go . It wasn’t surprising but still I refuse to take it in .


Sky Hostess keep them coming .... let’s get this rumpus all soaked in gin.


Mama cook up some Mac and cheese ... I know you always aim to please .


42 and feeling blue flying back where I don’t belong . Life and it’s circumstances all just went very wrong .


Bake me up some humble pie ... make it dry and don’t

Give me any milk .


Drink hard still my soul is parched and not knowing where I belong .


Thank you would be the words to say . They get stuck deeper in my throat every minute I don’t say .


Never used to stop and pray . There was an arrogant attitude that permeated in my forming days .


Maybe just a couple packs of mixed nuts .... something has to help me soak up even more .


Falling fast as the tube descends . Three hours of escape but the grace period ends .


Mama get your car ... turn the key . Can you come and pick me up when everything I knew set me free?


Yes I’ll eat the humble pie . There’s nothing left to say and nothing to deny .


Don’t cry for me I took it on  ,All the time certain that I didn’t belong .


Let me lick my wounds and think it out . I’m certain storms are on the way and thank you for helping your boy out .

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Our world


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